Sister Taylor with President and Sister Querido
Ya... almost.  I then I realize how many things I do now that sooo aren't American.  This week really did almost make me feel like I was in America though.  We got to watch the RS general broadcast (in English even! It made me miss you soooo much mom that we weren't watching it in the chapel together (me trying not to fall asleep because all the lights were off ha)and after going to Leatherby's for ice cream.  And watching white people talk in America and look like Americans was so fascinating to me!  Oh ya, the talks were really good too:)  We ate at McDonald's twice this week and even PIZZA HUT!!  And then the senior couples worked with us one day (even whiter that I am, from Idaho, and speak absolutely noooo Tagalog) and so we were talking almost everything in English (I didn't realize how difficult switching back to English would be).  And to top it all off, Sister Snow (a girl in my district from the MTC and in the same area as me now) were companions for a day!  Which pretty much means that two reaaaaally white girls who don't really know Tagalog or how to live in the Philippines went around together teaching people and navigating our way around my area.  So much fun.  Seriously, working with another American that is just as new as me was such an adventure.  Also made me realize I like being the baby still and having a trainer:)  So that was my small experience returning to being a normal American.
Jolibee (Fast Food Restaurant)

Speaking of being the baby and being trained, transfers are coming up in the next two weeks and my training will be over.  Not only am I pretty sure I'll be training a new missionary this transfer (this is coming after 3.5 months of being a missionary and only 2.5 in the Philippines) and but I'm pretty sure that I'll be transferring to open a new area.  Just a feeling, but we'll see.  I just want to call it now just in case.  Haha I want so badly to be wrong but I'm pretty sure this next transfer will be me just trying to survive until the next day.  And having to be in a new area, let alone start all the work in an area is my worst nightmare.  

But anyway, the work here in Pilar is still going just great!  More updates on the Baracante family, they are still doing just great.  Still getting ready for their baptism, still trying to work out kinks of them not having any money, but they still are so excited for everything.  This week Brother Baracante work up at 4am every morning to read the Book of Mormon before he had to start doing laundry and cleaning.  He's read all the way to Alma 8 and I'm so proud of him even though I know it's so hard.  Sister Baracante hasn't been getting sick anymore and some of their grandkids are leaving to go to Olongapo to stay with other relatives so they'll only have 2 grandkids to take care of now instead of 5!  They are doing just awesome.  Their baptism is (hopefully still) on October 20.
Filipino Money (Pesos)
So, I sent out some letters like 3 weeks ago, let me know if/when you get them.  Mail is sketchy here, so hopefully they get to you, they were rocking letters!  Also I got your mail this week again!  Thanks again and again for not forgetting about me!  Even if Nate and Ben didn't write me *coughcough* :).

Anyone Ever Played the computer game "Diner Dash?"
Funny story:  One night we had absolutely no appointments, everyone had cancelled on us for the night and all our backups were busy.  Actually it seemed like every Filipino was busy that night.So we decided to start walking down the highway in the middle of a couple giant rice fields.  Literally the Philippines middle of nowhere haha. So we've walked for about half an hour, it's getting dark, it's the end of our area, and the only thing left is a tiny path down the rice fields and we think we can see a light at the very end.  With nothing else to do, we follow the very long, wet, muddy, and rice covered path to the very end and as we're looking for the path to the house.  Let me also explain that we totally thought that we were guided to come here.  I have no idea where we got that thought from, but anyway.  W're looking for the path, and this  Filipino runs up to us and after asking us a couple of questions as to where we are going (our answers- "we are trying to get to the house with the light", "no we don't know where we are really", and "no, we don't know they people that live there, but we want to go meet them" he lets us know that we probably don't want to go there because the house is full of drunk people.  Ya, thanks for that prompting, Spirit.  So after a couple of hours of walking, searching, and following the "prompting of the Spirit", we ended up in the middle of a rice field, 9 o'clock at night, standing next to a drunk house, and left with a great and funny story.:)

Sa inyo hanggang wakas,