Transfers happened!  I don't know what it is about people moving, but it always makes me jittery and all twisted up.  But every transfer, I continue to go to the bus stations, only to see all the other missionaries leave, going to their new areas while they leave me (usually I'm stuck all by myself waiting with the zone leaders) to yet again, pick up a new companion.  And this transfer was no exception:)  I'm still assigned here in the southern part of the mission, Bataan, and will now have been here 10 months!  Someday, I'll finally be the one riding the bus to leave:)... it may be the day I leave to go home, but someday...

Sarah with Sister E. (left)
Haha, but I love staying here in Bataan, I've become real good friends with it:)  My new companion is Sister Echon, another filipino (I've been so lucky with all my native companions) and she rocks.  She also loves shopping:)  And she is by far the loudest companion I've ever been blessed with haha.  We always ask ourselves why president would ever put two of the most talkative missionaries together... Our poor investigators:)  I am finally OUT of the training program, and it's been more than smooth sailing with our work.  On the other hand, our p-days have been filled with cheap shoe shopping and I/we have no more money.

Every Monday morning we have started playing basketball with the youth at the chapel.  We all meet together at the gates around6:20 at then wait for Bishop to open the gates, usually playing until 8am but only because we have to go clean and market.  Because it's summer break right now for them, we've become really close, I love the youth here!

And in other happenings, we got to watch general conference last week (they first have to translate and send it to us) and I loved it!  Well, the parts I got to watch... Saturday was way cool, my favorite was Elder Holland at the very beginning when I felt like I was being blasted out of my chair.  On Sunday, I got stuck watching conference in Tagalog with all our investigators (they use really deeeeep Tagalog in the translating)... haha so I'm just going to wait until we get the Liahona.  But I sat by one of the elders in our zone that was just as entertaining.  Every 5 minutes or so, he would fall asleep.  Of course it's dark, Filipino voices are really soothing, and he's an elder (ha jokeee).  But the best was he would wake up, be really startled, and then start writing really fast.  But then fall asleep again.  I kept wondering what kind of revelation he was getting in his sleep...
Sarah with Sister E. (left)

My very very favorite part of conference though was sitting next to one of my favorite families in the ward during the afternoon session.  They had bought jolibee and were eating, no big deal.  But the misison-changing moment came when Bro. Bumagat (stake counselor) turned around in his seat, took my water bottle, and gave me some of his coke.  Speechless.  You know, especially in the Philippines, that you have been accepted when someone shares their coke:):).  I scored a million filipino points that day.  Even ask my companion:)

I realized yesterday was Easter...  Easter here is way different.  In the sense that people crucify themselves, whip themselves, everything that happened to Jesus Christ they do.  It was on Saturday, but we live in the middle of nowhere and didn't see much except for a couple people carrying crosses.  But it's weird stuff here.  

Funny Story: Apparently, along with dry season comes cockroach season.  This week during nightly planning I had a cockroach fly on my head.  Then the next day as I was getting toilet paper to blow my nose, a cockroach that was hiding flew from the toilet paper onto my arm.  I hate. cockroaches.  Even more so the ones that apparently fly.  I've discovered a scream that I didn't realize even existed:).  I've also learned to plan while sitting on the top of my desk.

Love you, miss you, keep writing me!  I promise I'm finding time to write you back:)




riding a trike to one of our
ssssuper far areas
Transfers were great!  sister Villaviles got transferred but she's still really close, she told me on Sunday (we had conference in the same building she's that close haha) that they couldn't finish planning because she was crying so hard she wanted to come back to me.  she told me how grateful she was for everything i taught her.  made me feel like i was actually able to do something.  I'm sad to see her go(and all the problems i learned to deal with) but sister E is pretty awesome.  she is the exact opposite of sister V on her mission now 8 months, soooo loud, bold, sassy, and says everything that's on her mind.  when she's not in the mood, she won't do it. She is super talented and our lessons absolutely rock.  i'm so excited to see all the things that are going to happen this transfer:) and her hair is the prettiest hair I've evvver seen.  and she's going to teach me how to cook flan:)  she is the best cooker ever.  and she's not shy!  but she's filipino, which rocks too

Some of our Investigators
i actually had to watch conference in  tagalog because of all our investigators i had to sit with and then i only heard the end of the second session because i was busy with a baptismal interview.... im so sad, ill just have to read it in the liahona.... wahhh but we did het to watch Saturdayy and i LOVED Saturday morning, especially elder holland. woooow.  i love conference.  It's like christmas on a mission.  i can't believe they are going to try soccer haha i just got a dearelder about anna starting to try dancing?  what happened there:)  love you guys, i promise a real email next week!  things are super craaazzy~!


Mandama-Week of April 6, 2014

Trip #1-mt. samat with sister palmer
and this is the only one i have from
the 2nd time we went to mt samat
yay!  I just got your email, I only got a couple this week, and when I got on I thought I didn't have any from you guys!  Transfers are Wednesday, our guess is i'm staying in the area and sis villaviles is transferring.  we'll see:):)  Sounds like an awesome spring break and lots of really fun things!  I want to go to the ranch sooo bad when i get back!  We're listening to conference this Saturday and Sunday.  It's so annoying to be a week behind!  We watched the relief society meeting on Saturday, it's really just not as much fun having to watch it with sister missionaries.  We are definitely going to have to go together every conference when I get home and then get ice cream after:) 

Trip #3-with sister penaranda

Investigators are doing fine, we had a lot of people drop us this week, so we are doing a lot of new finding:)  haha all part of the work.  I'll find and meet people all day to have some baptisms!  Talking and going up to random people is definitely turning into one of my strengths!  

so, lots of logistics and stuff like that I figured I'd include in one big email.

And last BEN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  I am so good at remembering these things!

Trip #4-last week at mt. samat
I love ben because I feel like even though I hear the least about him, he's the one that has been maturing the fastest and most for the better:)  your personality is so unique and I'm so glad that we get along so well.  I feel special that you actually want me to help you pick out cool clothes, and the best that you have joined the DI addict club with us cool people:)  I can't wait to come home and see you all grown up and mature (maybe:)) and can't wait to see all the amazing things you'll do in high school!  I like hanging out with you because we things a lot of the same way.  You also build the coolest things!