First, before you assume this whole email is going to be about general conference, I did learn other (quite hysterical) things this week.  But yes, like all the other missionaries that I'm sure wrote this week about general conference, get ready for another one:)  BUT I also learned this week that as a missionary, I all the sudden am a crafty person, I still have major problems with my cooking skills, and that most things are just different here in the Philippines;)

So first, I learned that I can be a crafty person, even in the Philippines, even as a missionary who only has time to eat and sleep.  This month because my companion is a training leader, we have to travel all over Bataan to visit the other sister missionaries to help them with planning and training and other cool stuff that doesn't really apply to me.  Being a greenie and a trainee still and all.  But anyway, we travel for forever and then my companion spends the morning helping the sisters do things right.  Or at least that's my view on what she does...   Because I'm the trainee and don't have to do anything when we go visit the missionaries, I have started taking odd and crafty things to do.  Usually I take my tape, scissors, old Liahona magazines, and cardboard from old boxes and sit on the floor of all these various apartments and make various crafty things that the Filipinos have taught me to make.  For the whooooole morning.  I've made collages, scripture cases, covered all my books and planners in pictures, organized my bag using cardboard (?), and read through like 20 old Liahona magazines while I sit on the floor cutting the pictures out.  I've realized that this might be what I'm destined and called to do for the rest of my mission:)  Just wait mom and dad!, all the souvenirs I'm coming home with are going to be preschool collages and things made out of cardboard:)  Your daughter is learning so much out here!
Sister Taylor, Sister Palmer, and Sister Snow

On a more productive note, I learned to a higher extent that I still can't cook.  One day, I tried making toast:)  Simple stuff that is.  We have a toaster over because regular toasters don't exist in the Philippines and I stuck a couple pieces of toast in there.  And forgot about them.  Oopss:)  I came out of our room about 20 minutes later to our toaster oven up in flames with two little pieces of charred... matter, inside still...  As we tried to drag it out by the chord, flames and all outside, the fire alarm started to go off.  gahhhh.  But not only did the fire alarm go off, but the carbon monoxide alarm too.  Turns out that we also had forgotten earlier to turn off our propane tank for the stove:).  Yaaaa.  But don't worry, we're still alive, we still have a toaster oven (slightly black), and I still got to eat pieces of toast, my companion just made them this time. 

Also, we had 2 more typhoons this weekend.

Sister Taylor, Sister Palmer, and Sister Querido
And last, conference!  This is for you grandma Crockett, because I know you ask every year!  Just like you mom, my favorite was Elder Bednar's talk about tithing.  I loveeeeed how he talked about that a grateful person is rich in being content.  Sometimes the beauty in simplicity is overlooked but really, Heavenly Father's way is a simple way.  Sometimes the blessings He gives us are daily, small, simple, but they are always there when we keep our commandments.  It's kind of like a game to search for the blessings in our lives but I've realized they are all there.  All the blessings that we're promised are all evidence that Heavenly Father loves us, that He isn't stingy with His blessings to us, but He is creative in the ways He gives them to us:)  Elder Bednar rocks.

And because I wasn't at home to pig out on all the food you make every year mom, I spend all Friday night picking out soooo many Filipino treats to eat during general conference.  Let's just say I walked in to conference packed and loaded (almost like a mom that packs snacks so that her kids will pay attention) and walked out so full of food.  And spiritual stuff.  Ha cheesy lines like that rock.

Have a great week!  As always, love you all!!