Seriously guys, best day ever.  I've changed my mind.  I just LOVE the MTC!  SO.  I'll just run through my first day here, before I forget.  I had the cutest sister take me around at the beginning, and everyone is ridiculously nice to you (probably they can just tell who are newbies), seriously, never felt so welcomed.  I dropped off my stuff, got my name tags/books (AND SAW SIS. SCHULTZ!!!) then got right in the classroom.  Bro. Cook speaks only in Tagalog.  ON-LY.  It was ridiculous.  And I can already carry a (short) conversation:).  Okay...maybe a couple sentences...So after class we had dinner (4:15 and I was sooo not hungry) and then a giant combined group teach-pretty much 8-10 districts and 1 investigator.  It was a cool way to start this whole thing.  And then I realized we have to teach a discussion...in Tagalog...tomorrow.  Yikes.  Oh, and I live in the MTC!  I love it!  My district=awesome-well at least the girls, the boys are always lost and don't talk ever.  6 of us sleep in a room (no one on the floor) and we're all i the same district AND going all to Olongapo together!!!!  So grateful for that one.  My companion is Sister Hes.  Low maintenance, super chill, relaxed, I love her!  Well.  This letter will probably get here after my first email, but hopefully when it gets to you everything will make sense.  It's bedtime so peace out!

Sister Taylor