Sister Taylor's First Email While in the MTC...

Kumusta Pamiliya!!! (ohhhh I hope that's right...)

The Family
The Kids
Okay, so this place rocks.  Hard core rocks.  The MTC is such a happy place and a great environment to be able to learn in.  I wish everyone could have a chance to come here for a little bit, being here has changed my learning habits, increased my desire to grow and learn, and has made me get up at 6am every day.  Seriously, such a good thing.  So I wrote the family a letter after the first day (it should be there today- pretty sure today is saturday btdubs) and it goes into more detail about my first day.  Honestly, don't really remember it anymore, just a lot of smiling missionaries yelling hello in their various languages and people telling me lots of things I should remember (and obviously don't).  Also, feel free to post that on the blog too.  MY DISTRICT!  The sisters rock.  So do the elders but they're just reaaaally quiet (and all but one are 18... it shows).  There are 10 of us, all the sisters are going to Olongapo too!!!!!  In my zone there are like 15 people going to the same place as me, isn't that crazy??!!  It made me so excited that there are so many of us serving in the area (all girls though, strange) and that we'll get to see each other from time to time while we're there. MY KASAMA!!  She's loves animals, from Oregon, and goes by Sister Hess (I just don't know any first names here, it's not worth it).    I live in the residence halls in the actual MTC (not in Wyview like we all were thinking) and so the bathroom are nassssty.  But they probably have become me favorite place because I CAN BE BY MYSELF!!!!!  Funny story- the first night we thought that we had to go everywhere together (like most people think), so even to the bathroom at night and in the morning and whatever.  So the first night I sat on the sinks for like half an hour while sis hess showered.  i got wayyy wierd stares, like why are you just hanging out in the bathroom.  But I was like whatever, I'll just study my language packet while I'm here sitting on the sink like the obedient missionary I am.  Turns out the next day we found out we actually don't have to wait and sit there while our kasamas do their business.  So now I love love the bathroom.  Sometimes I take an extra 10 minutes in there just because I know no one (meaning my kasama) is waiting (hopefully paitently) for me:) 

The first thing I realized while being here is that obedience may bring blessings but exact obedience brings miracles.  And miracles rock!  It's hard to remember all the different rules here and sometimes I don't understand why in the world we have to follow a certain rule, but you guys, it pays off!!!  I have seen so many awesome things happening when I try really hard.

Also we taught our first investigator yesterday.  ALLLLLL in Tagalog.  So awful.  I don't even remember it.  The language is crazy.  For some reason though Heavenly Father is nudging me along and I am getting it!!!  This week we learned how to start a conversation with somebody, pray, and bear our testimonies.  It's definitely not an easy language and I always thought I could ne.ver learn a language but with heavenly father I can!!  Okay anyway, so back to our investigator.  All I'll say on that one is that it consisted of about 5 minutes of awkward silences, poorly constructed sentences, and lots of opo (yes) and hindi ko alam Tagalog (I don't know Tagalog- actually I don't even know if I said it right during the lesson).  And now I've forgotten it but learned so much about how to do the whole teaching thing better.  There is no way I'm going to be able to teach without the full capacity of the Spirit and lots of praying and faith that Heavenly Father will literally put words in my mouth to say.  ANNNNDD so we are teaching her again tonight, about God and the restoration.  Pray for our lesson!

People say to make it until Sunday and it will all get better.  I'm holding on to that with both hands, trying to figure things out!  I know that God is in this work though and He will not let his missionaries fail. 

Well, hopefully some of this letter makes sense, I'm so scatterbrained and so this letter probably is too.  WRITE MEEE!!!!!!  Letters are the greatest, I live off them, PLeAaaAASSE. 

Alam ko po na totoo Aklat ni Mormon!!!!!

PS. I saw Elder Brockbank and sooo many people from BYU (it's the best feeling to see people you know)