Sister Taylor & Sister Tanielu
So, lots of crazy stuff this week.  First, no I don't have to train!!!  Which made me so so so happy.  I am NOT ready yet.
 But it did mean getting a new companion and taking the lead (where let's be honest, these kind of things I just have to joke about).  Still more crazy apartment stuff happening, crazy Filipinos to teach, but you know, only in the Philippines!

The new companion: Sister Palmer.  AMERICAN!!!!  Yes, there are now two young American little girls walking the streets where no one has ever seen Americans before.  It's great!  She's been here 10 months and technically is my follow up trainer/ senior companion.  She's funny and has lots of great ideas for what we can do for our area.  And I get to still speak English.

Sister Taylor & Sister Palmer
On Wednesday, I got to wait at the bus station (literally a cement block) for about 8 hours with the zone leaders while she came from all the way from the opposite side of the mission (the most north in Santa Cruz), and let's just say, when you put two zone leaders and a bored girl (me) with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no other people to talk to, we became pretty creative.  Lots of fun (awkward elders ROCK! They really do.)  We got to watch Discovery Channel for a little bit (IN ENGLISH, DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN???!!!) and I saw a commercial for America's worst tattoos on TLC that looked ridiculously fascinating ahaha.  Record it for me?:)  Also (this one is for Nate and Ben) THEY HAVE ADVENTURE TIME IN TAGALOG HERE!!  We watched it for a little bit and I died at the way they're voices all sounded.  Look it up on YouTube, and please think it's just as funny.  It always kills me the things that are popular in the Philippines that come from the US.  Also, this is a first for me, I ate a hamburger and ice cream for breakfast that day (it was literally the only food).  Food like that just tastes different (not in a good way) when it's fast food and 7 in the morning.  

And even crazier change than that (that may be a slight overreaction), my hair is permanently straight!
Sister Taylor with Straight Hair
 Apparently it's the big thing that all the Filipinos do (they're pretty hair is not natural, of course) but no more curl for Sarah Taylor... for about 6 months.  It's strange having normal people hair now.  I get out of the shower, brush my hair, and it just dries STRAIGHT!  Is this what it feels like to be a normal person?

The baptism that almost didn't happen:
Sister Taylor & Sister Palmer
And yes, as the title states, we had a baptism.  And it literally almost didn't happen.  Because Sister Tanielu left, I was left to plan the baptism.  Ha.  I'm the greenie, right?  For the baptism on Saturday, until 10pm Friday night, we had no one to preside, speak, give prayers, or even baptize her.  EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE PHILIPPINES WAS BUSY!  How does that happen?  These people always have time.  But anyway, we were about 5 minutes from cancelling it when the district president said he would come and take care of the priesthood people that needed to be there.  Okay, cool, all good.  Then we went to pick up the girl for her baptism and she wasn't there.  After 20 minutes, we finally got her to the church and then found out that she was missing school for her baptism and couldn't stay very long.  When she was baptized, they had to do it 3 times and they accidentally cut her nose in the process.  But hey, the baptism was done and smooth sailing, right?  No.  The next day (Sunday) we picked her up for church because she was going to be confirmed and she was sitting the road playing with her friends and had forgotten.  She then said she couldn't go because her dad was making her to laundry (that's why she was playing with her friends...?) and he would be too mad if she went to church.  She told us she would just be baptized again.  Literally this is a missionary's WORST NIGHTMARE.  Long story short, we asked her (drunk) dad for permission, rushed her to the church (10 minutes late and in a soaking wet t-shirt and mickey mouse shorts), she was confirmed, bore her testimony (which made up for all the mistakes) and then ran home.  And to top it all off, this whole weekend in rained cats and dogs.  We probably could have just made her stand outside to be baptized.  No font needed.  BUT WE DID IT!  And it happened!  And when all is said and done, she was so so happy.  

Not much else than that happened this week (which is fine by me), I'm still figuring out what it's like to be a missionary and act like a FIlipina:)  
Sister Snow, Sister Taylor, and Sister Palmer

Funny story for the week:  While we spent 8 hours at a bus stop together, I got to know one of the zone leaders really well.  At one point in the conversation, I told him I grew up in Colorado (I may have also told him I like cats, math, my hobby is shopping, and I'm going to live in New York as a financial nerd).  His response- "Of course!  I guessed you would have lived there based on your... eccentric clothes... as a missionary."  So, I am now proudly aware (well, I kind of was already) that even as a missionary, even in the Philippines (where everyone in eccentric), I have crazy cool clothes.  Bam.  

Love you all!!!
Galing sa pinakamagandang tao sa buong mundo (joke lang:)),