The sun is shining! and there's a flood!
I just was so so excited to update you on our family history trip yesterday!  It took us 6 hours, but we were able to get 15 recent converts to start and finish their family tree and almost 20 names printed out for them to take to the temple!  We're one step closer to making it to Manila (hopefully we make it before I go home...).  We started the second batch of recent converts yesterday in our class, so we'll be making the trip again in about a month!  

The rest of this week was just a disorganized mess of funny stories and bloopers.  And it's in my email as well this week as a disorganized mess as well.

After I showered one morning, I tipped the shower head up so that Sister Bautista couldn't reach it to tip it down to shower.  She was the next one to shower, and within about a minute I heard a series of fast, high pitched Tagalog and then my name yelled:).  She tried to get me back by doing the same thing (I still don't know how she reached the shower head) but to say the least, it didn't do much.

I was coerced into eating chicken brains fried in egg.  They wouldn't tell until after I was done chewing.

Sister Taylor & Sister Bautista Selfie
A sister missionary that's companions with my old trainee told me a story of how she got a stain on her shirt and couldn't get it out.  Sister Penaranda (my trainee) told her to just use a white-out pen over the stain and it would come right out.  She told the sister missionary that's what her trainer (me) used on her clothes.  But what Sister Penaranda thought was a white-out pen was my tide to go stick that I kept in my bag:).  But this poor sister missionary used white-out on her shirt, and when the stain still didn't come out, Sister Penaranda couldn't figure out why it wasn't working for her companion.  The conversation ended, and the shirt ruined.  All my trainee could say was "well, that's what my nanay always used, your shirt must just be different."

That's about all for the week.  It's a little short.  Just like my beloved companion:)