this is what happens when there's only two of us in the apartment
Today seems to filled with all sorts of "well, this was supposed to happen, but because of the typhoon..."  

We planned a service project for a member today (we were going to paint her fence pink) but it's raining, so that won't happen.  Then Sister Bautista and I were going to do the ice bucket challenge later, but you can't do anything outside when the winds are blowing roofs off places.  Ice cream isn't worth buying either, and we have to be home early just in case the street outside our apartment floods.

So this is how our typhoon-style P-day is actually going.  

a less-active that I'm almost positive
I knew in pre-existence

We woke up at 6am (and actually got out of bed by 6:20) to go to the market.  There was an overwhelming amount of fish this morning (it's a fish flood too!!!), so we bought a couple of kinds that we've never seen before.  Came home, cleaned the apartment (killed a couple cockroaches in the bathroom), and the breadman delivered hot pandesal for breakfast:).  I planned to exercise ...but blamed not doing it on the typoon.  We danced around with mops to Christmas music for a little bit instead:)  

After we email, I want to buy a cake (it just sounds good right now), develop pictures I'm sending you next week, and then we're going to go try some hole-in-the-wall restaurant for lunch.  The rest of the day will be sleeping, planning our workshop for tomorrow, and updating the area book that I was to lazy to update yesterday...or the day before.  Hee, oops.  I blame that on the typhoon too.  
for some reason, all my pictures are of cats,,,

But, fun news for the week, I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE NORTH.  FOR AN ENTIRE DAY.  Last week we found out a general authority was coming to visit, so they shipped all the leaders up to Luizon for a day for some meetings with him, let us stay the night up there and then travel a little bit west for another combined conference.   It's really reaaaally pretty up there. 

There's an American that just came into the computer shop, and is speaking English.  I keep getting distracted from my email from wanted to stare at him!  

Oh ya, that north.  I just want it to call my name next transfer!!  

recent convert. this is the one that
knows how to sew anything!
I think rainy season finally decided to come down to Guagua.  After a couple looong weeks with the el nino (no rain, all humid), the rain might finally be here to stay.  I've spent quite enough time roasting in the heat, and this sister missionary might be becoming a little, over-roasted.  Plan on welcoming home a daughter who now looks like a slightly whiter version of an African-American.  Big, frizzy hair included.

Funny Story:  Oh yes, lizards love my hair.  We could just generalize that and say insects and crawling things love Sister Taylor's hair.  We were teaching our investigator, Roland, as our last appointment that night.  He's still trying to figure out if he's feeling the spirit, so we were grilling him with super deep, spiritual questions.  I'm asking about President Monson, and all the sudden two giant lizards fall on my head, squirm around in my hair for a couple seconds before running down my shirt and onto the floor.  Time it, and the whole thing happened in about 5 seconds, and Sister Taylor didn't even miss a beat.  But I don't know if Roland noticed.