it almost looks like an american dog!
(those are rare and few inbetween)
It's officially Christmas season here!  We walked into the computer shop this morning to "All I Want for Christmas" and a couple of homemade Christmas lights (gotta congratulate the Filipinos on that one:))

edmar's baptism!!!!!!! and the garcia family
There's not much to report this week, we just keep chugging along, and stopping to talk to new people as we chug.  ha.haa

One of the new investigators we found this week was really nice to us.  She even let us come back and teach her more than once!  The second time we came back she welcomed us inside her house, took two chairs from outside and she sat on their bed.  She had the pamphlet we had given her in her hands, almost like a worn copy of a well-read book.  Her house isn't big, just big enough for the bed, a plastic dresser for the family, and enough walking space for the door to open.  When you walk outside, that's the kitchen.  

And she was wearing the greatest shirt.  Filipinos seem to always be wearing shirts with words.  Usually those words are words that shouldn't be on shirts, or things that don't make much sense in English (oh, the good ole Chinese imports here).  But her shirt made sense.  So much sense, I'm writing my email about it.  

"The sun is shining, I'm alive, and it's a new day."

it's a haunted houssse!!!
A couple of words that helped change my attitude for the whole month.  I don't know if she realizes the impact of those couple of words, or the implication of her wearing that shirt.  A wife, with kids that only eat when there's money, a husband that doesn't come home, and in a house I can't even stand up straight in.

But despite that, she was right.  The hot Philippines sun was up, the day was waiting for her to make the most of it, and she was alive.  

haunted house!
Our attitude determines our destiny.  What we think becomes what we do, and what we become.  I am so glad to be able to have a good attitude, even on days where it's easier to not try.  
we had exchanges! and i rode bikes!

Funny Story: I always seen to include in my emails how small my companion, Sister Bautista is.  And almost all the funny things that happen during the week, somehow end up revolving around her smallness.  Yesterday we were walking on a bridge, over water that was a green, grey color, with floating fish at the top and some kind of... plant I think.  She was closest to the rails of the bridge and I was on her left.  Halfway across the bridge, I pick her up like I'm going to push her into the river and she lets out a scream that stops all the people on the street.  The street in a big city with lots of people.  We both were laughing until our stomachs hurt, trying to make it across the rest of the bridge without collapsing on each other.  But the people going the other way gave us a couple weird looks about why the foreigner was trying to drop a small filipina in a river. 

I love you all, enjoy the mountains.  And Nate, remember don't drink the orange juice:)