back to the curl~!

Let's take a minute to go back to the good old days where I spent all my time watching, thinking, and obsessing over Tangled.  Those were the good days:)  And I always laughed so hard at the part where Rapunzel finally leaves here castle to find 'the stars.'  

She spends two seconds running around excited, and then a couple minutes crying.  And then she rolls around in the flowers because she can't control her excitement, and then gets scared and wants to go back to the castle.  

That is a perfect explanation of how I felt on transfer day.

our recent convert
(my first baptism in guagua)
and he just left for abroad
I didn't transfer:)

I still haven't traaaanssferred!!!!! 

I get to still teach the Garcia family:):)

I'm probably going to spend my whole mission in one place:/

Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy am I still hhhhheeeere??

I looooove Guagua!

And that's a little bit of how my day went on transfers.  Because I'm still here in Guagua, and they closed our area and combined me with the other area and the other sister.  Which means that our area just became the size of the entire Salt Lake city and then some.  

I'm on a boat!
me and Gonzales got matching skirts made...
 one of 8 I had made out of home spun cotton)

It's been a week of running around the entire city, trying to make it to all our appointments, and trying to figure out what in the world me and Sister Bautista were supposed to be doing.  But I have a great companion! and lots of work!  and lots of things that apparently I still need to work out here in good ole' Pampanga (maybe I'll finally learn their crazy language!).

And this transfer I also got a grandkid!  My trainee is training! I now am a proud mom and grandma haha.  Now I just need to find a couple good knitted sweaters and a fuzzy cat...

And on the topic of cats.  We had a mission meeting a little bit ago and I decided to change up the dress code a little bit.  Usually the missionaries come wearing black, in cardigans, and plain professional.  I wore a polka dotted shirts with pink dancing cats on it.  And then I paired it with a blue polka dotted pencil skirt.  It was quite the entrance I was able to make with all the seasoned missionary leaders:)  I felt like true, blue, Sarah Taylor in that moment.

Funny Story: This week, it's just the fact that I have been dubbed "the southern side missionary."