MONDAY: So just as an update on the whole ukulele thing, I printed out the pictures you sent of different kinds of ukuleles.  The guy who owns the computer shop was printing all my stuff out and asked me what I was going to do with pictures of ukuleles.  We had a cool conversation about how he played the guitar and that I could probably pick it up in just a couple months.  I thought he was a pretty cool guy.  And then earlier, we came back to email again, and he had brought his guitar.  As I sat down, he came and sat down in the chair next to me and serenaded me, with his guitar and in Tagalog.  Dude, trust totally broken.  

TUESDAY: We had a teaching appointment with a less active member.  We had to teach him outside because his wife won't let "the mormon missionaries" inside her house.  So there we were sitting on a mold covered, wooden bench, holding our umbrella so we won't get wet as we're teaching him.  There have been worse situations though.  
And then I hear this mumbling coming from their (now locked) door, and it gets louder and louder until I realized that his wife was praying the Catholic prayers while we were teaching. As in, candles, hail mary's, and some kind of bumping against the door.  Got to love the Catholics here:)

WEDNESDAY: I took a break of all the craziness happening (mind you, we are still only on Wednesday) and bought 5 bags of my favorite snack, Loaded.  It's too yummy to even try to explain.  But I tried sending it to you in the mail earlier...  And then I took a deep breath and geared up for what might happen on Thursday.

THURSDAY: We lost all power and water in our apartment.  We got home at night, and there was Nothing.  The best part, is we had no water to use to flush the toilets (there's no such thing as flushing, we use buckets to flush the toilet here).  Sister Larkin couldn't hold it anymore, and so we just found a dark, hidden spot with a bush outside our apartment.  We'll just say, it was her first time having to pee outside:)  

FRIDAY: My favorite part of the week is when we have the chance to teach Raymart, who was baptized two week ago.  His favorite hymn is the Star Spangled Banner.  It's become routine that every Friday at 2pm becomes a little bit more American for me and my companion.  He wanted to sing it as the opening hymn for his baptism but got shy last minute and decided not to.  Now we just sing it as the opening hymn every time we teach him.  Currently, he's making me memorize it on the piano.

SATURDAY: It was my day to cook breakfast.  I was making eggs in the wok and all the sudden I have a cute little maggot run across my foot.  A couple seconds later, another one wiggled onto my toe.  I look down to find a trail of them wiggling in from the back door, where we keep all the trash.  Just imagine in your minds me that morning, cooking eggs with one hand, leaving the stove every couple of minutes to try and wash the maggots out from our house and into the drain.  "...come on little maggots, just wiggle down the stupid drain!"

SUNDAY: I was talking to the cutest lady after church got out.  We were talking about something really interesting (I don't remember what it was, but I remember it was cool), and I was trying really hard to be a good listener.  But then I got distracted as her teeth started to move as she was talking.  And then the front part of her teeth started coming out!  But she just pushed it back in, and kept on talking like this was an everyday occurrence.  I smiled, and just tried to look at her eyes instead of her mouth.  Which is really hard, if you've ever experienced anything like that.  

I don't know why I managed to collect enough funny stories this week to last my whole mission, but to say the least, it's been quite the week.  

I got way nervous reading about all the things Nate is doing to get ready to leave to the MTC, it made me remember all too well what I felt that week right before I left to go on the greatest adventure so far in the life of Sister Taylor.  He will love the MTC, and probably grow a lot, and learn to do things on his own.  I want a copy of his sacrament talk, since I won't be able to be there.  And I need his addresses, I'm going to become the most awesome letter writing sister ever!