a district Philippines North broadcast
Things here are pretty much back to normal, it's cool to see how fast Filipinos can bounce back from a storm and fix everything right up!  They're like little ants... haha.

We've gone back to working, teaching, being rejected, and preparing for baptisms this week and next week.  I love seeing an area start to progress, and this one is finally getting to that point too!  And just like all the other times my area finally starts to progress, I'm probably going to be transferred next week.

Even the Filipinos are going back to the normal.  We went to one of our investigators last night, and she had gone right back to her habit of picking the little rocks out of the rice before it gets cooked.  6 hours, a couple kilos of rice, and an old lady with a strange (but calming) habit.  It is definitely back to the normal here.  If that's really normal...

As for the exciting parts.  I've changed my favorite color to white.  I LOVE WHITE!  Maybe it's because I rarely see something actually that color here or maybe because white means clean (which I also rarely see) but, I really have just gained an odd obsession for white.  All the clothes I've bought the last month have been white and black.  Nothing catches my attention until I see that oh so classy combination of black and white.  I don't know if that's what's cool in America, if it's not, I'm making it cool.  WHITE.  
sister gonzales

And then, we were walking down a street with a little market on the side.  And a couple shirts caught my eye.  But they weren't white.  Or black.  Or white and black.  I just happened to see t-shirts with the giant faces of SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK.  Their big, smiling faces were printed onto t-shirts that just called the Taylor family name.  Maybe it was nostalgic or something that got me, but I bought them.  hehe:)

I wanted to send one to Nate, but unfortunately, he just doesn't fit in filipino clothes.  So I just kept them and put them in a little spot in my suitcase to save for when I come home:)  

I really need to stop buying things...

I got to go on exchanges too with the other sisters in our zone, and they ride bikes!  I don't know if that's a normal thing in the states, but here it's not.  Needless to say, I got to spend a day riding bikes in their area.  I forgot how to ride a bike for probably the first 5 minutes.  It was a little embarrassing.  But then we got going and rode through forests (of palm trees), pineapple farms, along a river, and fell in a couple giant puddles along the way:)  It was pouring rain the whole day and we came home soaking. wet.  And with the Biggest smiles ever.  
standing on a pile of dirt... and a pretty view)

Funny Story: We got a pet too this week, a giant spider the size of my hand that refused to leave from his web above our kitchen sink.  He stayed there all week, until Saturday when we woke up and he was gone.  Which I think is even more scary because he could Pop out anywhere now...  But he did leave the skin he shed (didn't know spiders did that?).  We put the skin (it looked just like the spider) on one of the sisters desk (we used a mop handle to move it there) to scare the sister when she got home:)  A good, good reaction followed:):)  But now we don't know what to do next with the spider skin, so it's in a container on our microwave.  YUM:)