Sister Taylor at Zone Conference May 13, 2014
Do you remember the movie, The Best Two Years?  About that poor new elder?  So I realized those stories in that movie, that you think are exaggerated, they really happen.  I don't think you realize how funny that movie really is until you have stories just like the movie.  Whoever thought of the movie is so. funny.  So. Genius.

Sister Taylor at Zone Conference May 13, 2014
At our district meeting, the elders in Hermosa area where way late for our meeting.  Which is really not okay haha.  Everyone looks at you (especially the zone leaders) as you walk in the door, past all the chairs, and all the missionaries (that are on time:)) and take the very furthest away, very last chairs.  One of the elders told me afterwards, the were late because one of the new elders under training washed all their dishes with laundry bleach.  He figured it was just the same as using soap...

Sister Taylor at Zone Conference May 13, 2014
I overheard one of the sisters earlier talking about Nacho Libre.  And I quote, "You know that one movie where that guy says he's had diarrhea since Easters?  Well, one of the sisters in our house has totally had diarrhea since Christmas."

orani zone at zone conference
(after we drank bitter melon shake)
The elders are making our zone drink bitter melon shake tomorrow at our zone conference (mind you, our mission president, AP's, and all the senior couples are there) because we tied in this week's competition.  The whoooole zone gets to try it.

Not to mention names, but someone in our apartment is collecting worn-out shoes so that she can show how hard she worked when she goes home.  Our room right now smells like dirty feet:)  yum.

Anyway, just figured I'd send off a couple good stories before calling you:)  I've still got to set up all this skype stuff at the computer shop, so until next week!!  (or in about an hour:))