The Universe wanted pictures of their
newspaper in the Philippines.
This week, we are expecting rain, heat, and more cockroaches hiding in the corners of the apartment.  And then the day you don't bring your umbrella, it will unexpectedly rain alllll day.  

That was the best.  We went out at 2pm to start work with blazing hot weather (but I still haven't sunburst ha ha) and then as we were walking to our 6pm appointment, in about five minutes the sky turned dark

grey, the silent lighting storms came, and so did the pouring rain.  And it happened to be the one day I didn't bring an umbrella (of course, it's 90 degrees out, how in the world will I need an umbrella??!).  But Heavenly Father got a good laugh at me and Sister Echon running with our bags over our heads from house to house:)  

Sometimes apparently, when it gets so hot and humid, the clouds just can't hold anymore water and it will just rain until there's nothing left.  It's pretty crazy, and the rain is hot.  Sometimes this week too while we've been teaching we just really big thunder storms and that becomes the biggest hindrance in teaching (who would have thought?).  Every night too, we have giant silent lightning storms where all night the sky just lights up, but there's no rain and no thunder.  SO COOOL.  I videoed it for Dad for when I come home:)

But anyway, because it's been so hot lately, one of my grey skirts (the one we bought from Old Navy mom) has faded reeeeal bad.  As in, in some places it's become a greyish orangey color...  But of course, a favorite skirt deserves to be worn at least twice a week (welcome to the missionary wardrobe) so I cut off the tags and have just started wearing it inside out because the stitching on the sides look the exact same.  My companion didn't even notice until I showed her my pure ingeniousness at the end of the day hahaha.  I don't know if it will be something I laugh at when I come home, or cringe that I actually did something like that in a couple years...  But all the sisters in our house thought I was pretty genius.

But my wardrobe is still fine and cute.  So is our work.  We have a couple of baptisms again this month and are expecting a bunch of great things to happen (there goes the reporter in me again).  

Ronalyn is being baptized in two weeks, this is one of my favorite stories ever.  Maybe I was meant to find her to be given a challenge who's more stubborn than I am.  But she came to church 15 times before she let us teach her.  Every time we went to her house, she would hide or pretend to be sleeping.  Okkaaaaaay, we know you don't sleep sitting in a chair... But then Sundaymorning, she was always one of the first at church.  This lady has quite the attitude.  But two weeks ago, we caught her and for the first time, she actually let us teach her.  And even smiled!  And of course, it only takes once for us to teach someone:)  She's one of the most ready I've ever seen to be baptized.  

And Maria (whose last name is Filipino hahaha) is an old lady who never fails to make us die of laughter during our lessons.  All I can usually think of in these lessons, is that when I'm old, I better be as funny as her.  She's also stubborn (okay, I feel like there's a lesson I'm supposed to learn:)) and is the only one in her family not baptized.  But she's finally set the day and is regular at church.  Scooore!  I love these people, our investigators are seriously what make the work here in Mandama sooo worth it.

Funny story: Disclamer, this has been certified by our STL as missionary approved...  Our mission president's wife is always reminding us, drink water, drink water, drink water...  We are supposed to drink more than 3 liters a day.  And we're pros now.  Thanks to one night, and one game.  We came home one night and we wanted to do something extraordinary.  So we planned really fast, cooked, and devised the drinking game:):)  Someone reads a couple well known scripture verses, everyone else guesses, and if you're wrong you have to drink a glass of water.  Missionary-fied so bad haha.  To make a long story and long night short, we drank sooo much water.  The first one to give up was Sister Jayweera (from Sri Lanka) because our stomachs hurt so bad and she had to pee sooo bad:).  

Love lots,