Mandama-Week of April 6, 2014

Trip #1-mt. samat with sister palmer
and this is the only one i have from
the 2nd time we went to mt samat
yay!  I just got your email, I only got a couple this week, and when I got on I thought I didn't have any from you guys!  Transfers are Wednesday, our guess is i'm staying in the area and sis villaviles is transferring.  we'll see:):)  Sounds like an awesome spring break and lots of really fun things!  I want to go to the ranch sooo bad when i get back!  We're listening to conference this Saturday and Sunday.  It's so annoying to be a week behind!  We watched the relief society meeting on Saturday, it's really just not as much fun having to watch it with sister missionaries.  We are definitely going to have to go together every conference when I get home and then get ice cream after:) 

Trip #3-with sister penaranda

Investigators are doing fine, we had a lot of people drop us this week, so we are doing a lot of new finding:)  haha all part of the work.  I'll find and meet people all day to have some baptisms!  Talking and going up to random people is definitely turning into one of my strengths!  

so, lots of logistics and stuff like that I figured I'd include in one big email.

And last BEN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  I am so good at remembering these things!

Trip #4-last week at mt. samat
I love ben because I feel like even though I hear the least about him, he's the one that has been maturing the fastest and most for the better:)  your personality is so unique and I'm so glad that we get along so well.  I feel special that you actually want me to help you pick out cool clothes, and the best that you have joined the DI addict club with us cool people:)  I can't wait to come home and see you all grown up and mature (maybe:)) and can't wait to see all the amazing things you'll do in high school!  I like hanging out with you because we things a lot of the same way.  You also build the coolest things!