riding a trike to one of our
ssssuper far areas
Transfers were great!  sister Villaviles got transferred but she's still really close, she told me on Sunday (we had conference in the same building she's that close haha) that they couldn't finish planning because she was crying so hard she wanted to come back to me.  she told me how grateful she was for everything i taught her.  made me feel like i was actually able to do something.  I'm sad to see her go(and all the problems i learned to deal with) but sister E is pretty awesome.  she is the exact opposite of sister V on her mission now 8 months, soooo loud, bold, sassy, and says everything that's on her mind.  when she's not in the mood, she won't do it. She is super talented and our lessons absolutely rock.  i'm so excited to see all the things that are going to happen this transfer:) and her hair is the prettiest hair I've evvver seen.  and she's going to teach me how to cook flan:)  she is the best cooker ever.  and she's not shy!  but she's filipino, which rocks too

Some of our Investigators
i actually had to watch conference in  tagalog because of all our investigators i had to sit with and then i only heard the end of the second session because i was busy with a baptismal interview.... im so sad, ill just have to read it in the liahona.... wahhh but we did het to watch Saturdayy and i LOVED Saturday morning, especially elder holland. woooow.  i love conference.  It's like christmas on a mission.  i can't believe they are going to try soccer haha i just got a dearelder about anna starting to try dancing?  what happened there:)  love you guys, i promise a real email next week!  things are super craaazzy~!