It's been a very typical, Filipino week.  Aside from the normal language stuff and cooking stuff, I got to experience quite the #onlyinthephilippines (do hashtags even still exist?).
Our zone conference this week was centered on cleaning out our kitchen pipes often so that the rice doesn't get clogged every week and so we aren't calling the senior couple all the time to come unclog our pipes. #Riceinthepipes
going to a...meeting!
missionary life is sooooo exciting

We came home from work on one ridiculously hot day and I went straight to the floor, turned the fans all on me, and layed down in the entryway for a good while.  The only thing that got me up and moving was the realization that there were chocolate no-bake cookies we had made earlier in the fridge.  And they were so calling my name. #Iworkforcookies
I woke up last morning, turned around and found a big, whiny cat staring at me through our bedroom window.  I thought is was a dream until I realized the window I was banging on was an actual window and not just my dreams.  She climbed though the window bars of the kitchen (there's no glass) and was just hanging out in our house. #Catsinterruptmybeautysleep 

Just adding to the awesome list of experiences that I'll miss...someday:).  But it totally makes up for the awesome missionary life.

letter to my cool filipino friend.
 I could not have done this 3 months ago!
This week was our zone conference too.  President and his wife came to give us some fun little instruction (I love that couple, everything is just cute in the Philippines) and learned a lot (I'll spare the drab missionary-talk details).  He interviewed us all, recorded the foreigners and our testimonies (of course in Tagalog) and it's on Facebook if you can find it (and he said he uploaded mine to the missionary national committee page too?), but hunt it down for me. 

Transfers are coming up again, every time I guess what will happen to me, I'm ALWAYS so wrong so I'm not making any guesses.  But there's bound to be one of us transferring in our companionship.  We have another baptism this week (collecting the totals for the month) and lots of potential for next month.  This area is exploding and I am riding on the edge of it.  Kind of like when you ride a cow....haha #anotherfilipinojoke

my favorite old guy ever.
he's a member, always works with us,
and has the coolest stories ever
Funny story: I'll just put it out there, there are a ton of gays and lesbians here in the Philippines.  But they wear it loud and proud and it's the complete normal here.  We go up to ask girl (who's really a boy) (they are really good at doing their make-up) where someone's house is.  Sister Villaviles goes to meet them and stumbles at the very beginning, taking a good 30 seconds to figure out to call her "Sister", or "Brother".  She flips from brother, to sister, and back to brother, (there's no other conversation at this point) and then we finally manage to walk away because I am trying SO hard not to laugh behind her.  She gave it her best try.