fruit season is here, and members are starting
 to send us home  with ALL sorts of fruit! That
big stick thing is sugar cane!
Well, in the wonderful life of the missionary Sister Taylor, I bought this really awesome lipstick that's white but turns pink (even in the Philippines I can't avoid lipstick).  But the missionary Sister Taylor doesn't wear lipstick.  So I put it in my suitcase (realizing that I would feel probably strangely out of place actually getting ready and wearing lipstick) and will bring that beloved lipstick home.  ROck on Filipino cosmetics.

And that's all.

The farther I get into my mission, the less I have to say.  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  Maybe not...

Last Monday morning, we had a zone activity and had to travel an hour and a half to Balanga to meet up.  It was just one of those really annoying, everything's happening that you don't want to happen, kind of days.  Let's just say we ended up 1hr late to our activity, managed to NOT avoid the closed down bridge, slow drivers, and a couple crazy people.  I'm sitting in the jeepney on the way to Balanga, my mind wandering to all the things that were hopefully going to happen, where we wanted to eat later, that
My companion & I

the color yellow looked good on the lady sitting across from me (you know, just the usual) and a mom got on the jeepney with her little kid.  She has Jolibee take-out in a couple fingers, a pinky finger around her bag, an umbrella about to fall out of her pocket and her kid's hand in her other hand.  She sits down, sits her kid down (might look as stressed out as I felt) and takes out their Jolibee and coffee to eat on the way home.  And then all the cracks in the road and speed bumps come and the jeepney just keeps chugging along (I love filipino driving).  Her hamburger goes to the floor (with the kid), umbrella under the seat, and her coffee all over her hand and pants. 

 I felt so bad for the mom, how hard her day might be right now.  Still thinking about how annoying our day was too.  And kind of realized (this was kind of a light-bulb thing for me) that sometimes, bad days just happen.  The bumps in the road come to everyone.  Sometimes, coffee is just going to spill, people are not going to listen, or you are just going to be late.  Those kind of days happen to everyone.  But I'm sure Heavenly Father thinks that sometimes, it's just fine that we have bad days, he probably sometimes chuckles as we try to get our way through those bad days.  But it's the way we deal with them that makes the difference.  Bad days can become good days, bad days can be erased by tomorrow, and we learn a lot about how not to spill our coffee again (or as a missionary, how not to be late again). 

we went to the market for lunch
 because we felt like it.
 I had mango and coconut juice shake.
Where else does that happen!
But usually we have more good days than bad days.  Yesterday, we had one of our investigators get baptized that has been waiting for 10 years, going to church for ten years, called a non-member for 10 years.  All her family has been baptized (even her kids), but she had to wait to get married.  Watching her finally be sustained as a full member of the church made all the bad days that are going to happen a lot more bearable.  Don't good days like that just absolutely rock?  I think they rock.

Balanga Zone Mar 9, 2014
Funny story: So the craziest food here is Balut, or fertilized, fermented duck egg.  I ate it a couple months ago and then found out last week that my FILIPINA companion, that is the one from the PHILIPPINES had never eaten balut.  So the American (me) threw her a "balut party."  Bought the best looking, biggest balut, put it nicely on a plate and we all got out the cameras.  (if you didn't know, that's how missionaries throw a party when it's late at night at almost bedtime).  She goes to open the shell, sip all the nasty duck juice and... she opens it to find that it has turned into a complete duck.  GROSSSS.  Full-fledged baby duck (feathers, legs, beak, eyes) and not even any juice left over.  She didn't eat it, and then we all went to bed.  THe end.