So, not much time to write my email this week so it's a little short, but hopefully I get some goods things in this.  

Can I bring them home with me?
 These are some of our recent converts
I think the typhoon is over for now!!  YAYAYAY!!  It's been sunny for almost an entire day now and for the first time in awhile, I came home yesterday only a little wet!  Happy day.  This last week though was a nightmare, so much water.  The storm got so bad on Tuesday that we had to stay in our apartment and couldn't go outside all day.  Even if we would have tried to go outside, right outside our door was 3 feet of water and garbage.  Thankfully we had power even though most people didn't and so I spent the day labeling everything in our apartment with Tagalog sticky notes.  Ya.  Don't worry, I've gained the awkward missionary status.  My free time is spent taping pamphlets about the first vision and practicing Tagalog.  Please teach me how to be normal again when I get home.

Can I bring them home with me?
 These are some of our recent converts
 There were fiestas in Mieasan and Kapambpangan (two of our areas) on Friday, and let's just say the Filipinos here go crazy on fiesta days.  There were fireworks that started going off around 5am, people were already drunk by the time afternoon came around (drunk FIlipinos are waaaay funnier than drunk Americans), and there were tables of food down every single walkway and path.  We were walking to one of our investigators house and as I was walking around some of the puddles, I noticed they were all full of red water.  Weird, but whatever.  Then I walked under a roof of a tindihan store and right into a dog skeleton hanging down from the roof!  In front of me was a giant tub full of the different parts of the dog (skin and all) they were skinning for the fiesta later.  SO GROSS.  JUST SO NASTY.  
Thursday and Friday were follow-up training for all the newbies like me and IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE MY FELLOW WHITE PEOPLE AGAIN!  Tell sis. pilkington's mom and sis. hess's mom that they are doing so so good and we have all grown so much in just three weeks.  They made us food (tried sweet and sour fish, yummy yummy), we got to meet with the mission president, and catch up with everybody and it was just happy.  Oh and I finally got LETTERS!!!  Best thing of my whole life.  Thank you everybody for pretty much making my whole month, even little letters are good letters for missionaries, so I love you all.  
Follow-Up Training at Mission Home
Sister Taylor, Sister Hess, Sister Pilkington, Sister Snow

I tried straightening my hair this week and let's just say it was the biggest joke ever.  Never try to take curly hair and straighten it, especially in a humid place.  I don't need a flat iron to have frizzy hair, it does that just fine by itself.  I stepped outside and it all curled right back up.  But it definitely didn't curl up all cute-like.  The next day for the follow-up training I tried to curl it-with a curling iron.  Little bit better, but seriously, I'm pretty sure everyone just laughs at me for trying to do my hair at all (even though it's the second time I've tried it).  The first thing I'm doing when I get back home is doing my hair, but until then, my new favorite love is my headbands.  Can I just take a minute and acknowledge the fact that I've lost almost 10 pounds in 3 weeks?  Not that I had any fat to lose in the fist place, but if anyone wants a good diet, this is the place to do it:).  With all this food and how much I still eat, I don't know how that happened but I won't complain.  

I can't believe everyone is already getting ready to start school again!  AHH has it really already been that long?!  Crazy.  Well, tell everyone good luck on their first week!  I love youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

Mahal na mahal,