AHHHFHAS;KLJSDOIPUIOFSADNKL;XDLKSEHJKALSOIPUQRWE I only have a week left!!!!!!!!!!  So anyway, another week at the MTC.  My summery is as follows.

Our Clasroom-we are here 16 hours a day!
We started off Sunday with protesters outside the MTC on our way to the temple in the afternoon.  They were big, dirty guys holding big, white crosses who yelled scriptures about hell and damnation at us as we walked to the temple.  Interesting people for sure.  I thought it was funny that they would choose to protest against the missionaries, I waved to them on the way up.  They didn't like that.  Ya, definitely interesting.  That night I decided to cut my bangs, so really late, while talking to my companion I just cut them.  Usually I'm pretty good at it but I wasn't looking when I cut them and so they are super short now.  They look kind of funny now:) It's a good thing it doesn't matter what I look like...  I laughed for awhile about it, and it's become the district joke:)  Someone has to make the MTC interesting I guess:)

 Tuesday a couple of us took a 2 hour nap for gym time but we didn't realize it was 5pm and right before dinner so when we woke up it was pretty much time for bed again and we were not tired.  At all.  We all layed in bed that night for about an hour at the end of the day and decided that sleeping wasn't going to happen.  So we went outside our residence and played ninja all night and made bets about if we would get locked out if we stayed out really really late.  It was the most rebellious thing I've done since being a missionary, it was kind of pathetic because we thought we were so cool.  Dork alert.  But ninja was fun, and I won a couple times!  That day we also had choir and the devotional that we sang in.  It's super cool because the MTC here has started to record all the Tuesday devotionals and then send them to all the foreign MTC's to watch the next week.  So when we sang in the choir we were on the screen for a good 10 seconds!!!  And now the world will see it!!!  And me (jokelang)!!!!!  I bet if you look it up, you can watch it.  Elder Richard Hinckley spoke to us that night and we sang at the beginning.  Cool stuff, right?

My district and one of my teachers (white tag)
On Wednesday, our district all wears pink.  Pink ties, pink skirts, whatever.  Coolest idea ever.  Please tell me that someone gets that reference????!!!  I think we are genius:)  FUNNNNYYYYYY  Oh and guess who came to the MTC this Wednesday and is in our zone??!  Chris Rueben from swimming!!  I saw him in the classroom next to ours the first day, and I was like "whhhhaaaattt?  What are you doing here?!!"  I totally forgot he was going to the Philippines and it was so fun to see a familiar face and for him to be in our zone! 

AND TO THE BEST PART OF THE WEEK!!!!!  FLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHT PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAANS!!!!!!!  I sent a picture of them, but I'll explain just for funnsies!  We got them Friday afternoon and there are about 15 people in our flight group.  We fly out Monday morning at 11am, and we'll be at the airport around 8am.  We get to take frontrunner up to Salt Lake too!   Oh and plan on me calling the home phone sometime around 8am!!!!!!!! I only have about 45 min and so you have to pick up the phone fast!  I only have time to call in Salt Lake too, so that's all.  So we fly from Salt Lake to SAN FRANCISCO and the TO JAPAN, TOKYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm GOING TO JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!  We have about a 2 hour layover in Japan so I will definitely have some fun there!  And take lots of pictures!  And get something really awesome in Chinese for Nate!  Our flight to Tokyo is 16 hours and overnight, and then the next day we fly from Japan to Philippines, Manilla!!! We'll stay in the Manilla mission home overnight and then it's a bus over to Olongapo!  All of the girls are flying together, the elders in our district are flying to Portland but then we are all on the same flight from Japan to the Philippines.  I'm so excited to fly all together!  ;lksadlknfvZ<>XC vnASkljrwelhtj!!!!!!!!  It's definitely real now!  I'm for sure going half way around the world, and definitely am going to be speaking another language... that I realized this week that I actually don't know very well. 

My district and my other teacher (white tag)
This will be my last time in America.  My last real shower, my last chocolate ice cream, my last Tuesday night devotional with really awesome speakers, the last air conditioned room I will be in, last time teaching our investigators!  It's crazy for me to think about that.  i have been so grateful to have learned so much in the MTC and am forever grateful for the lifelong friends I've made, the amazing teachers I've been blessed with, and all the blessings that Heavenly Father gave me since being a missionary!  I get to email one more Saturday before leaving, and I would love letters from pamiliya mo to take with me on the plane!  They just have to be fun letters!  Love you all, so grateful for you too! 
Funny story for the week:  So your first day at the MTC, you all get to wear a bright orange sticker on your nametag telling everyone that you're new.  After my first day, I kept that sticker and put it on the back of my nametag to remember it:)  But then this Wednesday, I was realllllly bored and I put the orange sticker back on my nametag and pretended to be new again with my companion as my "host".  It was soooo funny because everyone would be welcoming me and I would forget that I was answering them back in Tagalog instead and they would all be so confused!  haha always spicing things up at the MTC
Naligayang Pasko!!!!!!!!!  <-------  that one is funny:)